CD Review: Rob Anderson and the Windthrowes – The Storm

Picture yourself sitting at the bar in a dark smokey tavern.  There is an empty stage a few feet away.  A fellow steps to the microphone, guitar in hand and begins to sing. The first words out of his mouth stops every conversation as all heads turn to listen. He sings about betrayal, and other heartbreaking experiences, with such emotion that you think these things may have happened to him on his way to play tonight’s show.

That is the feeling I had listening to The Storm, the debut EP from Nova Scotia’s Rob Anderson and the Windthrowes.

Anderson has a captivating voice and the ability to deliver his songs with raw emotion. This combination keeps the listener fully engaged while listening to the album. 

On The Storm, Anderson (guitar/vocal) is joined by Evan Ferguson (drums), Sam Fraser (piano/organ), Lacey Wilson (background vocals), Peter Janes (bass) and Dave Driscoll (guitar). 

The Storm features a mixture of slow tempo songs and rocking tunes.  At times the listener is reminded of John Mellancamp, Sean McCann (of Great Big Sea) or Matchbox Twenty.  Each song reveals a different sound and each completely works making The Storm a very impressive debut.

Favourite Songs: Truth Telling Eyes, The Storm, Giving Up, Let It Go

Track Listing
1. Truth Telling Eyes
2. The Storm
3. Quarter Life Crisis
4. Giving Up
5. September Leaves October
6. Waiting For The Stars To Shine
7. Let It Go

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