In The Dead of Winter Music Festival: At The Bust Stop Theatre with Jenn Grant, Mike Trask, Dana Beeler and Katie Baggs

The In the Dead of Winter festival is one of the most enjoyable Nova Scotia music festivals.  Founded by Heather Gibson (Company House) along with Halifax musicians Jill Barber, Rose Cousins, Jenn Grant, and Amelia Curran, this music festival held in January each year consistently draws some of Canada’s top acoustic talent.  This year is no different.

On Thursday night, I headed to the Bus Stop Theatre to see some exceptional musicians from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. 

Katie Baggs


Katie Baggs is a charming musician from Newfoundland (is there any other kind).  A wonderful songwriter, she entertained the audience with her witty (and sometimes beautifully awkward) banter and lovely songs.

Dana Beeler


Nova Scotia’s Dana Beeler is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose great debut album, The Long Goodbye, established her as one to watch.   Dana played a number of songs from her debut album as well as a few new ones to be included on her next album.

Mike Trask


Nova Scotia’s Mike Trask told stories that kept the audience laughing (or sometimes cringing) and always on the edge of their seat.

Jenn Grant


Jenn Grant is one of this country’s top musicians and this performance was another wonderful one.  Jenn was joined on-stage by Daniel Ledwell and a drummer who’s name I did not catch.  She was also joined by Tanya Davis (for “Dreamer”) and Kim Harris (on “I’ve Got Your Fire”). 

The Fighter


Dreamer (featuring Tanya Davis)

I’ve Got Your Fire (featuring Kim Harris)


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