Harmony Bazaar 2014



Harmony Bazaar : Festival of Music and Song’s mission statement is “to provide a venue to showcase women’s artistic talents”.   With musical performances, belly dancing and youth songwriting workshops, a book launch and art exhibit, Harmony Bazaar lives its mission statement. 

2014 was the festival’s 9th year and with an amazing line-up of female performers, including headliner Jully Black, it was a rousing success.  


Jully Black at Harmony Bazaar 2014

I was able to attend most of the festival and had a wonderful time.  The organization of this festival, and the volunteers, was amazing.  The hosts (Katey Day & Irish Mythen) were everywhere and the people of Lockeport…beyond friendly.  Harmony Bazaar is truly a terrific experience.  We will be back next year.

I unfortunately did not get photos and videos of all the artists.  Click on a link below to view photo / video from the artists listed or click on the photos link to view random Harmony Bazaar 2014 photos.

Alyssa LeBlanc & Chelsea Nickerson
Christine Campbell
Irish Mythen
Jessie Brown & The Black Divine
Jully Black
Kim Harris
Laura Roy
The Mother Pluckers
Perpetual Detour
The Secrets

Friday Night (photos)
Saturday ( photos)
 Sunday (photos)



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