Irish Mythen at Harmony Bazaar 2014


Irish Mythen at Harmony Bazaar 2014


Irish Mythen introduced The Mother Pluckers to kick-off Harmony Bazaar 2014 on Friday and hosted the all-artist jam to close the festival on Sunday.  In between, Mythen was everywhere.  She introduced, and performed with, various artists and was accessible to all in attendance. 

Harmony Bazaar 2014 was my introduction to Irish Mythen and her music.  I now have her complete music collection.  Mythen is talented, energetic and personable.  Her energy and positive attitude was contagious and it was easy to see that all the musicians in attendance loved playing music with her

If Irish Mythen is ever playing in your area, I strongly recommend you get out to see the show.  You will not be disappointed.

To see a snippet of Mythen’s involvement in Harmony Bazaar 2014, check out the photos and video below.

For more on the Harmony Bazaar 2014 weekend click here.



Introducing The Mother Pluckers to kick-off Harmony Bazaar 2014 (Friday)


with Christine Campbell at the “Barefoot In the Kitchen Party” (Friday)




at The Legends Stage (Saturday)



at The Legends Stage with Katey Day and Kat Danser



Bubbles or confetti…and dancing



“Irish’s Invitational” (Sunday)



Irish’s Invitational (Sunday)





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