Christine Campbell at Harmony Bazaar 2014


Christine Campbell at Harmony Bazaar 2014


Christine Campbell has always been known as a “killer guitarist”.  As the singer/guitarist for hard-rock/metal band Stone Mary, Campbell would amaze fans with her exceptional guitar skills.  Now, Campbell has released her debut solo album – an album that explores her country/blues side.

I had been hearing about Campbell for over a year but (for no really good reason) I had not gotten out to a show.  Harmony Bazaar 2014 was my first exposure to Campbell’s music.  She was one of the highlights of my weekend.

Campbell thrilled the crowds with her amazing voice as well as her guitar wizardry.  In Halifax, Campbelll plays a regular Thursday show at The Carleton.  I’ll definitely be heading down to a few shows in the future.

Check out some photos and video below.

 For more on the Harmony Bazaar 2014 weekend click here.



Christine Campbell (right) at Strings Attached with Kat Danser and Heather Styka


Christine Campbell


Christine Campbell with Irish Mythen


Christine Campbell with Blake Johnston during “Irish’s Invitational” at Harmony Bazaar 2014


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