Perpetual Detour at Harmony Bazaar 2014


Perpetual Detour at Harmony Bazaar 2014

Halifax based band Perpetual Detour can always be found in Lockeport during Harmony Bazaar weekend.  Harmony Bazaar 2014 was no exception.  The band performed two shows – a duo set by AJ and Meagan, as well as a full-band set at Irish’s Invitational.

The alternative rock foursome are an exceptional band.  They have released two albums, including their most recent titled Tired of the Scenery. The appearance of Perpetual Detour was a welcome sight at Harmony Bazaar 2014

Check out some photos and video below.

 For more on the Harmony Bazaar 2014 weekend click here.




Perpetual Detour with two young fans


AJ LeBlanc and Meagan Lanchbery perform on Saturday


Perpetual Detour perform during “Irish’s Invitational” on Sunday


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