Amy & Rachel Beck with Tim Chaisson at the Cape Breton Fudge Company


Rachel Beck and Amy Beck perform at The Cape Breton Fudge Company


Prince Edward Island’s Amy & Rachel Beck were in Cape Breton last week recording their latest album, titled Run!, at Lakewind Sound Studios.  Run! is the follow-up to Amy & Rachel Beck’s self-titled debut album (which was nominated for a Music PEI award in 2013) and is being produced by ECMA award winner Tim Chaisson.

While in Cape Breton, Amy & Rachel Beck played a show at my favourite Sydney music venue – The Cape Breton Fudge Company.  They were joined on-stage by Chaisson (who made a surprise guest appearance).  They performed songs from their debut album, as well as songs that will be on Run!. They also performed a couple of songs from Chaisson’s The Other Side and Gordie Sampson’s “Davey Jones”.


Tim Chaisson, Rachel Beck and Amy Beck


This was my first time seeing Amy & Rachel Beck perform live.  It was an excellent show.  Amy & Rachel Beck write a mix of catchy and thought-provoking songs, have beautiful voices and it is easy to see that they enjoy playing music together.  I consider Tim Chaisson a Canadian music treasure, and his album The Other Side is one of my all-time favourites, so any chance to see him play live is welcome. 

I  am eagerly anticipating the release of Run! this fall.  I hope Amy & Rachel Beck hold a release party in Halifax so I can see them perform live again.

Below are a few photos and videos taken from the show.  For more photos, head over to my Facebook page.


Tim Chaisson, Rachel Beck and Amy Beck


Tim Chaisson with a couple of young fans


Amy & Rachel Beck with some young fans after the show

 Songs from Amy & Rachel Becks’ self-titled debut album

 “Beat This Heart” (Tim Chaisson) & “Davey Jones” (Gordie Sampson)

 Songs that will be on the soon-to-be released Run!


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