CD Review: Makayla Lynn – Daydream




Makaya Lynn’s latest album Daydream sees her move from “young country music prodigy” to burgeoning country music star.  No longer should Makayla Lynn’s age be the focus of any article or review written about her.  From now on, it should be all about the music…and what a pleasure to be able to talk about music this good.

Daydream is an exceptional album in every respect (song-writing, vocals, musicianship, production) and brings to mind the music and sound of county superstar Taylor Swift (just listen to “Dancing In The Rain”).  I’d go so far as to say if Swift released this album today it would skyrocket immediately to the top of the music charts. 


photo by Jaclyn Doyle Photography and Design


The songs on Daydream run the gamut from songs that make you dream (“Don’t Quit Your Daydream”) to songs that make you cry (“Kindness Of A Stranger”) to songs that make you think (“Like Lightning”) to songs that make you sing (“Dancing In The Rain”).

Makayla Lynn’s motto could be embedded in the chorus of the album’s lead single “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”, when she sings “some wishes come true…You can be who you want to be, just don’t quit your daydream”.  Setting a goal for herself early in life, Makayla Lynn worked tirelessly to get to this stage in her career.  She has already performed on the same stage with many of the country greats (including Carrie Underwood, Alabama and Tim McGraw) and following the release of Daydream, Makayla Lynn should soon see more of her wishes come true.

There are a lot of great musicians in Nova Scotia, and if Makayla Lynn keeps releasing music like the songs on Daydream, she will find her name mentioned with the best in a very short time.

Daydream has already been nominated for the 2014 IMEA Awards Country Album of the Year.  I expect by the end of 2014, Makayla Lynn will find herself nominated for many more awards.   

Head over to Makayla Lynn’s website to stream Daydream.  You’ll be glad you did.

Favourite Songs: Kindness Of A Stranger, Like Lightning, Dancing In The Rain

Track Listing
1.Don’t Quit Your Daydream
2. Let Me Go Sadness
3. Kindness Of A Stranger
4. Like Lightning
5. Shakespeare Play
6. Love Can Make You Cry
7. Dancing In The Rain

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