Crissi Cochrane, Pony Girl, Stewart Legere and Matthew McIntyre at the Company House – September 6th



Looking for a sure thing on Saturday night?  Look no further than the Company House. 

Chrissi Cochrane and Pony Girl  are in the midst of a Maritime tour and make a stop at The Company House on Saturday, September 6th.  Joining them during the evening will be Stewart Legere and Matthew McIntyre.  Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door.  Check the Facebook Event page for more info.

Crissi Cochrane


Crissi Cochrane is originally from Nova Scotia.  She grew up in the Annapolis Valley and moved to Halifax at the age of 18.  Since 2010, Crissi has made her home and her music in Windsor, Ontario.  Her latest release, Little Sway, was released in January 2014 and has been garnering rave reviews.

Pony Girl

Pony Girl (photo by Stéphanie Godin)

Pony Girl
(photo by Stéphanie Godin)

Ottawa’s Pony Girl is one of the most interesting bands to cross The Halifax Musicphile’s path since the blog’s inception.  Here is an excerpt from the band’s bio:

“When artists get together to write music based on imaginary films, you know you’re getting real art-rock.  Pony Girl excel at painting soundscapes in which you can be lost. Anchored by guy-girl pop harmonies, songs flow seamlessly from calm to chaos with inspiring lifts—blending guitars, woodwinds and samples together like colours.”

Pony Girl tours in six-to-ten piece configurations. Their debut album, Show Me Your Fears, was released last year.

Stewart Legerre


Stewart Legere and Rose Cousins

Stewart Legere and Rose Cousins

If you live in Halifax, chances are you’ve heard of Stewart Legere.  Consistently voted one of Halifax favourite actors, Legere is also an exceptional musician.  

Legere has yet to release his debut album, but he can occasionally be found playing various Halifax music venues.  When he does play, you’ll want to get out to enjoy this gem of a musician.


Matthew McIntyre

 I am unfamiliar with the music of Matthew McIntyre.  The only information I could find is that he is from Dartmouth.

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