Sunny Chances birthday party with Green & Gold at Gus’ Pub – September 2, 2014

Sunny Chances (Sean Clancey) celebrated his birthday on September 2nd at Gus’ Pub in Halifax by playing a show with Newfoundland band Green & Gold.  I was excited about this show for two reasons.  First – I had an opportunity to see Sunny Chances live about a year ago and loved the show.  Second – I have heard a lot of great things about Green & Gold but had yet to see them perform live.

Gus’ was packed when I arrived as it was Wednesday night and the popular Wednesday night trivia was just finishing up.  With a mix of trivia hangers-on and people who were there to see the show, Sunny Chances took the stage. 



Sunny Chances

Clancey was joined on-stage by his band’s guitarist (whose name I did not catch) and proceeded to delight the crowd with his witty banter (it was his birthday after all) and his music.  I’ve said before that I really enjoy his singing voice.  Sunny Chances released an EP in June which can be picked up on the Bandcamp page.  It’s pay what you can so leave a few bucks or download it for free and pay for a show later. 

My favourite Sunny Chances song is “How It’s Meant To Be” so I was pleased to hear it near the end of the set (video below).






Green & Gold

Green & Gold are one of the hot new bands from St. John’s.  After hearing many positive reviews and reading The Overcast awards where Green & Gold seemed to win every category, I had to see them on their recent 4 night tour in Halifax. 

Two things struck me as I listened to the band.  The first was how into the music the crowd was.  The reaction was as if Hey Rosetta! had taken the stage.  The crowd immediately took to the front of the stage to move to the music.  This is a band with a following.  The second thing that struck me was how much they reminded me of Wintersleep live.  It’s during some of their songs that have a Wintersleep vibe  when O’Neill sings in a low register.

I enjoyed the Green & Gold show and hope to get out to see them at The Carleton on October 9th when they play with Steve Maloney and Kim Harris.  Green & Gold’s debut album, The Body Knows, can be picked up on their Bandcamp page.  It’s also pay what you can.



More photos from the show


Sean Clancey (Sunny Chances)



Sunny Chances



Green & Gold


Len O’Neill (Green & Gold)

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