CD Review: Ian Sherwood – Everywhere To Go


Ian Sherwood is a multi-talented, well-respected Halifax musician with numerous awards and nominations.  He has been named Contemporary Singer of the Year by the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Best Male Artist of the Year by the 2012 International Acoustic Music Awards and was the 2008 and 2010 Music Nova Scotia Musician Of The Year.  

Sherwood has released some great songs over his music career.   “What Am I Doing Here”, “Capetown”, “Here I Go”, “Shoop Shoop” and “We’re Not Alone” are some of his best.  

 Sherwood’s fifth album Everywhere To Go,  stands out as his best  yet.   The anthemic title track could easily be the next theme song for Canada’s Olympic team with the lyrics “Tonight, the morning’s not written yet….The only podium is gold”.   The Billy Joel-esque “Me Or Your Money”- a hand-clapper – is about as catchy a song as you will hear today and “Stop, Don’t Fall In Love” is my favourite on this album.

 Sherwood’s song-writing and smooth voice take to the fore-front on Everywhere To Go.  In the word’s of  Newfoundland comedian Shaun Majumder “You know that Silk Soy Milk? The chocolate kind? That’s what his voice sounds like.”   And it is definitely worth a listen.

Favourite Songs: Stop, Don’t Fall In Love, Everywhere To Go, Big Love

Track Listing

1. Every To Go
2.Non Believer
3. Stop, Don’t Fall In Love
4. Fireman’s Ball
5. Me Or Your Money
6. Big Love
7. Kiss Me Quick
8. No Water



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