CD Review: Keith Mullins – Island Sol


Keith Mullins is a musical jack-of-all-trades.  A chameleon if you will. Aside from being an accomplished singer-songwriter, he plays multiple instruments, in multiple styles and with multiple artists.  Mullins is also a music workshop facilitator and regularly works with youth. 

Mullins musical accomplishments have not gone unnoticed in the East Coast Music community. In 2012, he won East Coast Music awards for Localmotive Farm (World Recording of the Year) and Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project (Children’s Recording of the Year).  Mullins has also been named Educator of the Year in both 2012 and 2013 by Music Nova Scotia.  On top of all that, Mullins is an eco-farmer and father. 

Mullins latest release, Island Sol, showcases his many talents.  His songs range from blues to  folk, with a little bit of everything in between.   Through it all, Mullins philosophy on life seems to be live, love, slow down, give back.  


Mullins life philosophy shines through on the whole album, none more so than the title track about finding your island sol (sun) / soul  – “Dance to the ocean around us; sing a song that will not grow old; in the rhythm of the waves you can find your island sol”.  It’s a call to slow down and enjoy the world and beauty around you.

Mullins  sings about changing the world and love (“Change The World”, “Infinity”, “Salvadora”).  And the song “El Diablo” – “I’m a devil on the run” brilliantly gives an old west tavern feel.  A couple of my favourites on this album are the retrospective ” Moments In Between” and the beautifully written  “She Will Play” – a song that quickly jumped into my personal favourite lyrics/songs of all time. 

Mullins musical inspirations seem varied, but there is a hint of (The Rolling Stones) Keith Richards in his music and voice.  I’ve loved The Rolling Stones and Richards solo material for over 30 years, so I was delighted to hear this in Mullins work.

 Island Sol was recorded in Havana, Cuba and many of the songs have a Spanish/Cuban feel.  Through lyric and rhythm, Island Sol is an album that will leave you feeling positive and reflecting on life, love, slowing down and giving back.    

Favourite Songs – She Will Play, El Diablo, Island Sol, Moments In Between, In Due Time

Track Listing
1. Island Sol
2. Change The World
3. First World Problems
4. Infinity
5. Hola
6. Salvadora
7. Infidels
8. El Diablo
9. In Due Time
10. Moments In Between
11. She Will Play
12. Speak Up


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