Rae Corcoran – A Canadian Music Gem Waiting To Be Discovered



Rae Corcoran (photo from Facebook)

Rae Corcoran
(photo from Facebook)

Every once in awhile, the music of an unknown musician enters your world and a few thoughts enter your mind: 1) Wow, how come I haven’t heard of him/her before; 2) Where can I get his/her music? 3) Why isn’t he/she a bigger star?

For me, that musician was Rae Corcoran whose music entered my world on March 22, 2013 when the popular music blog Sea Legs Collective featurerd Corcoran’s song “Little Dove” as their March 22nd “Song of the Day“.

At that time, I discovered that Corcoran is a  singer / songwriter from Kingston, Ontario with a popular You Tube channel (Hustlerae) on which she posts a number of cover  songs as well as originals.  Since that time, I have discovered that Rae Corcoran is so much more.

Corcoran is a musical triple-threat: great voice, great lyrics, great musical arrangements.  She records solo, with Sean Tomalty in the band Needless Love Endorsement; and with Jen Ochej in Danny & Mabel (whose debut EP will be released soon).  Corcoran’s musical styles range from folk to pop to techno….and she masters each one. 

The only problem is that Corcoran’s music is not yet for sale.  However, you can listen to her songs on Soundcloud and YouTube (see below for links).

Here is just a sample of some of Corcoran’s best original work (solo and with Needless Love Endorsement) as well as a few cover songs.  Take a listen and then check out the rest of her music.  You will not be disappointed.



To find out more about Rae Corcoran visit

Rae Corcoran on You Tube
Rae Corcoran Facebook page
Rae Corcoran on Twitter
Rae Corcoran on Soundcloud     

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