CD Review: David Picco – Start Again

david picco


Newfoundland’s David Picco is no stranger to the music industry. Residing in Toronto for over a decade, Picco released two solo albums and another with his critically-acclaimed band Jetset Motel. Picco recently returned to St. John’s and released his third solo album, titled Start Again.

Start Again is a quintessential “nostalgic rock” album. At times calling to mind Tom Petty, Wilco or Marc Bolan (of T-Rex), Picco’s sound is timeless and his music will resonate with any classic rock or alt- country music fan.

Start Again is a solid, consistent album. There is nothing flashy; nothing over the top. It is a straight forward no-nonsense 10-song album to be enjoyed from beginning to end. At first, you will notice Picco’s voice. It’s good…real good…this guy can really sing. Then you will notice the musicians…the guitar on “Baby I’m Gone Away” and “Start Again” …the keys on “Any Second Now”…the bass on “Here I Am”…and the drums on…every…single…song. These are musicians dedicated to their craft.

Co-produced by Chris Picco (Long Distance Runners) and recorded, mixed and mastered by Kristjan Leslie at Lab of Chaos in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Start Again is definately an album to add to your music rotation.

Favourite Songs: Here I Am, Start Again, Any Second Now

Track Listing

1. Baby, I’m Gone Away
2. Here I Am
3. Start Again
4. Back To You
5. Today Never Knows
6. First To Go
7. Martha Mansfield
8. Any Second Now
9. Up All Night
10. Something In Mind


One thought on “CD Review: David Picco – Start Again

  1. Fantastic album! Really enjoyed all the song from the beginning to the end. Back to you is probably my favourite although it’s hard to pick a favourite! Best of luck David!

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