Lookalike – A New Dance Rock Band On the East Coast Music Scene



Fans of RocketRocketShop (an energetic up-and-coming St. John’s band) were disappointed to learn that the band recently went their separate ways.  RocketRocketShip was one of the more fun bands to cover and had a legion of followers (“Rocketeers”).  Now, the band members have all moved on to different musical projects.

One of those projects is a new “dance rock” band of Matt Dines and Dave Shears called Lookalike.  It is definitely one The Halifax Musicphile is looking forward to.

Lookalike is defined as “Combining catchy hooks, hard-hitting choruses, and a high-flying live show that will leave your feet & legs aching, and your ears wanting more.”  Lookalike will be heading to Los Angeles next week to work on their debut record with producers Greg Alsop (Tokyo Police Club) and Justin Gray.  Lookalike will bring their new fast paced live show across Eastern Canada in the spring of 2016.

You can follow Lookalike on Twitter or Facebook

You can follow Matt Dines and Dave Shears to learn more.

Can’t wait to hear the debut album from Lookalike.  Good luck Matt and Dave from The Halifax Musicphile.



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