CD Review: Greg Fownes – Take You Home


Originally from Cape Breton, Greg Fownes spent time in the province of Alberta before returning to Nova Scotia in 2015. Musical influences of both Nova Scotia and Alberta are evident in the music on Fownes second EP, Take You Home.

Being unfamiliar with Fownes music before listening to the first track, I was unsure of what to expect from Take You Home.  What I received was a nice surprise. 



Take You Home contains some wonderful songs (including “Sleep Talk”, “Poet” and “Help Me I’m Leaving”). The major strength of Fownes music is his powerful voice.  At times sounding like he could front the latest county-rock band, while at others sounding like Bon Jovi (circa Slippery When Wet), Fownes sings with a mix of strength, rasp and emotion that draws the listener in to his songs. Take You Home is definitely worth a listen.

There is a big sound to the album.  While listening to Take You Home, I kept picturing Fownes in a large arena setting, with thousands of concert-goers singing along.   I look forward to catching a Greg Fownes live show.

Find out more about Fownes at his website.

Favourite Songs – Sleep Talk, Help Me I’m Leaving

Track Listing
1. Help Me I’m Leaving
2. Take You Home
3. Falling
4. Poet
5. Sleep Talk
6. Worth Your Love



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