CD Review: Thom Swift – The Legend of Roy Black



Picture sitting around a campfire.  Sitting with a half-dozen of your best friends.  It’s  a beautiful evening.   There are cold drinks.  The fire is crackling.  It looks and sounds kind of like this…


Everyone is having a fantastic time.  Sharing stories. Reminiscing.  

Then, one of your friends (the really talented, but kind of shy, one) picks up his guitar and starts playing.  The guitar is low…quiet…the voice gentle, like Bruce Springsteen pre-“Born In the USA”.  You have to really pay attention to the music, the lyrics…and you do…you listen…you really listen.  The world stops.  And you are at peace.  

That is what listening (really listening) to Thom Swift’s new album The Legend of Roy Black feels like.

photo: Scott Blackburn

photo: Scott Blackburn

Thom Swift is a multi-award winning Nova Scotia (by way of New Brunswick) musician.  Here is just a sample:

  • 3- time East Coast Music Award winner for Blues Recording of the Year (2014, 2011, 2008).

  • 2 Canadian Maple Blues Awards for New Artist of the Year and Galixie Rising Star (2008)

  • 3-time Music Nova Scotia Award winner for Blues Recording of the Year (2013, 2010, 2008)

  • East Coast Music Award winner for Childrens’ Recording of the Year (2012)

The Legend of Roy Black, released on June 3, 2016, is Swift’s fourth solo recording. The album features Swift on acoustic and resonator guitars and vocals, Tom Easley on stand up bass, Asa Brosius on pedal steel, J.P. Cormier on mandolin, violins and banjo and Dave Gunning on high strung guitar on “Well Worn Road”.

The album was produced and recorded by Swift and Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It was mixed and mastered by  Gunning at Wee House of Music in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

The Legend of Roy Black once again secures Swift’s place among the great East-Coast songwriters.   It is full of songs to make one reflect on life, to contemplate and to help find a little peace in this world.  It is album that places you in your own little Paradise…around a campfire…on a beautiful evening…playing and listening to music with friends.

Favourite Songs – Simpler Times, House, Broken Glass, A Satisfied Mind

Track Listing
1. Well Worn Road
2. Simpler Times
3. Ramblin’ Roy (instrumental)
4. House
5. I Don’t Know
6. Two Steps Behind
7. Broken Glass
8. Toney River Drift (instrumental)
9. My Girl
10. A Satisfied Mind



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