East Coast Rising – List of Songs Played in October 2016

East Coast Rising started on CIOE 97.5 on October 8, 2016.  

East Coast Rising is a 3-hour show every Saturday morning from 9:00 – noon.  On the show, I play all east coast music.  It’s been great so far.

In October, I was able to play over 150 different songs.  Some artists and songs were played more than once.  If a song is not on the list, it is either because:
1) CIOE does not have the song in its’ music library;
2) I do not have the song in my personal collection – Note: I lost a lot of music in a computer crash, so if I had your music in the past, I may no longer have it;  or
3) I forgot to play it and need to be reminded. 

Either way, if there is something you’d like to hear that is not on the October list, get in touch.  I love to play requests from listeners.

I will prepare a similar list for “East Coast After Dark” and “Fresh From The East Coast”

Here is the list of all the songs played on East Coast Rising in October.  

Adam Baldwin Love On The Rocks
Adam Washburn Dead Of Winter
Alan Doyle 1, 2, 3, 4
Alana Yorke Anthem
Alana Yorke The Wichita Years
Amelia Curran Scattered & Small
Amelia Curran Song On The Radio
Amelia Curran What Will You Be Building
Amy & Rachel Beck From Where You Are (ft. Tim Chaisson)
Amy & Rachel Beck Run
Andy Brown Myth
Andy Brown Run
Aqua Alta Epic Sweep
Aqua Alta Polar
Ashley Condon All My Life
Barrowdowns Landlocked
Beauts Covers
Ben Caplan Birds With Broken Wings
Billy Hickey Road Trip
Biscuit If You Cry
Brothers In Stereo Your Voice
Campbell & Green A Simple Life
Carleton Stone When You Come Home
Carmel Mikol Creature
Catherine MacLellan Old Tin Can
Charlie A’Court Sun Is Gonna Shine
Christina Martin Falling For You
Christina Martin Somewhere With You
Christina Martin Take Me Back In A Dream
Christine Campbell Rag Doll
Cody Degaust Better Than Nothing
Cody Degaust Who Are You?
Coig She Loves Me (When I Try)
Corey Isenor Losing My Mind
Corey Isenor The Navy Blues
Dan Doiron Stand Back, I Don’t Know How Loud…
Dan McCormick Face Your Hunters
Dana Beeler Little Heart
Dance Movie Anaf (feat. Don Brownrigg)
Daniel Ledwell I Have Made You a Mixed Tape
Danielle Smith Sitting On a Fence
Dark For Dark Orchard
Dave Gunning These Hands
Dave Sampson No Pressure, No Diamonds
David Myles How’d I Ever Think I Loved You
David Myles Simple Pleasures (Classified Mix)
David Myles When It Comes My Turn
David Picco Here I Am
Devarrow The Great Escape
Don Brownrigg How Are You Supposed To Know
Don Brownrigg Sweet Dream Sleepeer
Donald MacLennan I Will Always Love You
Dylan Guthro Do It All Again
Dylan Menzie Kenya
Dylan Menzie Talk To Me – Radio Edit
Dylan Menzie Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Earthbound Trio Let It Go
Erin Costelo Fighter
Fortunate Ones The Bliss
Gabrielle Papillon Concrete Of The City
Gabrielle Papillon Go Into The Night
Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys Cavan Road
Greg Fownes Help Me I’m Leaving
Greg Fownes Take You Home
Gypsophilia Boo Boo Down
Heather Green Sweet Little Something
Heather Rankin Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Hello Delaware Black Cheries
Hello Delaware One Horse Town
Hey Rosetta Cathedral Bells
Hey Rosetta Gold Teeth
Hey Rosetta Soft Offering
Hey Rosetta What Arrows
Hillsburn Run Down
Ian Sherwood Everywhere to Go
In Flight Safety Cloudhead
In Flight Safety Model Homes
In Flight Safety Stockholm (feat Ria Mae)
Jason Campbell I Wish
Jeff Winsor Beyond The Need
Jenn Grant Bombshell
Jenn Grant Dreamer
Jennah Barry 4×4
Jennah Barry Slow Dance
Jessica Rhaye Good To Be Alive In The Country
Jessica Rhaye Little You Little Me
Joel Plaskett Credits’ Roll
Joel Plaskett Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’
Joel Plaskett Emergency Fashionable People
Jont Church On Sunday
Jont & The Infinite Possibility Someone To Love Me
JP Winslow Bangkok Is Lonely
Kat McLevey Tell Me Once
Katie Baggs All I Know
Keith Hollohan Pedestal of Gold
Keith Mullins Drop In The Ocean
Keith Mullins Fireflies
Keith Mullins She Will Play
Ken Tizzard Home
Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent Other Side Of Wrong
Kev Corbett On The River Off The Lake
Kev Corbett That’s All Gone
Kim Harris Dust
Kim Harris The Weight of It All
KINLEY Blackbird
KINLEY Wild Horse
Makayla Lynn Dancing In The Rain
Makayla Lynn Don’t Quit Your Daydream
Matt Mays Queen Of Portland Street
Matt Mays & El Torpedo On The Hood
Maura Whitman Survivors
Maura Whitman What Would I Do
Meaghan Smith Have A Heart
The Mike Bochoff Band I Can’t Be Yours
Mike O’Neill Don’t Forget To Breathe
Mo Kenney Sucker
Mo Kenney The Great Escape
The Monday Nights Tokyo
Morgan MacDonald The Fences
Nap Eyes Mixer
Neon Dreams Beat Of Your Heart
Norma MacDonald Company
Nudie Mr. Why’d You Come To Texas
The Once The Blood Inside Your Heart
Ostrea Lake In August
Owen Meany’s Batting Stance Dissonance
Owen Meany’s Batting Stance Pop Odyssey
Paper Lions Lost The War
Perpetual Detour Little By Little
Port Cities Back To The Bottom
Quiet Parade We Were Here
Rain Over St. Ambrose Broken Love
Ria Mae Ooh Love
Ria Mae Thoughts On Fire (feat. Classified)
Rob Currie Never Enough
Scott Nicks Gat Do
Shannon Quinn Blackbirds and Thrushes
Shannon Quinn The Constant Lovers
Steven Bowers Beothuk Words (ft. Christina Martin)
Steven MacDougall Don’t Sing About Love
Tarahan Rebel Ship
Teresa Doyle Lucky
Thom Swift Simpler Times
Three Sheet The Bees
Tim Chaisson Crushed
Tim Chaisson The Healing
Tomato Tomato Ain’t Dead Yet
The Town Heroes Outer Space
The Trews In The Morning
Tyler Hache Silent
Willie Stratton Della Rosa
Wintersleep Who Are You?

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