Billy Moon Coming to Halfiax November 24th and 25th


Those of you that know me, know that I travel to Hamilton, Ontario quite a bit and that I have grown to love the Hamilton music scene (with musicians like Dana Swarbrick, Dinner Belles Jordan Haller, Marie Avery, The Rest, Toui Manikhouth and whatever the staff at Dr. Disc recommends…and of course The Arkells and more that I am forgetting right now).  

Halfiax plays host one such Hamilton artist on November 24th and 25th.  The artist is Billy Moon

Billy Moon is embarking on a 5 day tour beginning November 23rd in Sackville, New Brunswick. Tour dates are as follows:
Nov. 23 – Sackville – Thunder & Lightening 
Nov. 24 – Halifax – Menz 
Nov. 25 – Halifax – The Wardroom 
Nov. 26 – St John – Pepper’s Pub
Nov. 27 – Montreal – L’Esco

The November 24th show at Menz is with The Brood and Owen Meaney’s Batting Stance. Here is the Facebook event page.

The November 25th show at The Wardroom (King’s College) is with The Brood. Here is the Facebook event page.

So “who is Billy Moon?”, you might ask.  I asked the same question and here is what I found out:

“I make music because it’s the one thing I do that really makes sense.” Truer words have never been spoken, by Ontario’s Billy Moon. Growing up in a small bed-and-breakfast town outside of Guelph, Billy Moon fell in love with fuzzy rock and roll from a young age. Listening to whatever radio stations his bedroom set could reach, he spent his puberty sharpening his skills as a music nerd. After high school, he went to McMaster University where he integrated himself into the Hamilton music community, and later released his first studio EP: Young Adult.
Things haven’t been the easiest for Billy Moon. Coming back from his first East Coast tour, he found himself in a hospital in rural Quebec when their car flipped twice after getting hit by a truck. By some Satanic miracle, everyone walked away unharmed, but there was still the nagging doubt that this was the end of music for Moon. Thankfully, one year later he’s come back with a new EP and an energetic live show that’s sure to make you realize that we’re all going to die but hey, maybe that’s ok.”

About his video for “Roads”, Billy Moon says the following:

“My new video for ‘Roads’ can be summed up as if Ryan Lochte went to Burning Man but no one wanted to hang out with him.”

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