CD Review: Rachel Cousins – This Fire



Every once in a while, you hear an artist and you know they are going places.  You know that there are big things ahead if they decide to continue on their current path.  Newfoundland teenager Rachel Cousins is one of those artists.  

Following the release of her debut single “July” (which landed at #17 on the CIOE FM Top 100 East Coast Songs of 2016), it was clear that Cousins had the voice, the songwriting ability and the “it” factor to be a star.   And even with all of that, her debut EP This Fire is even better than expected.  


Writing with an emotion that belies her age, Cousins sings of love and heartbreak on This Fire.  Starting with the opening track “Waiting” (“save your sorries for another one.  Don’t waste them on me. I’m done.”), through the song  “For You” (“I never thought you’d say goodbye.  I never thought you’d make me cry.  Over and over and over again.”), and on to my favourite “In Pieces” (“I’ve been there, I know he’s kind, which means by now you’re far to blind to see this.  Deep inside I always knew, that he’d leave me and he’ll leave you….In Pieces”), you can feel the pain and hurt that comes from a broken relationship and the wisdom as one emerges from the other side.  The song “This Fire” warns of getting too close to the fire that is love (“If you want to play this game, you have to touch the flame”),  while “Arrow of Love” allows for some relief from heartbreak with the promise of new love (“I’ll be the one who comes through. I’ll be the light for you.  I promise my aim will be true”).


Rachel Cousins is an up-and-coming star and This Fire is just the beginning of what should be a long and magical music career.  The album, produced by Chris LeDrew and nominated for two 2017 Music Newfoundland and Labrador awards, is the springboard that will launch Cousins to great heights.  To the stars.  And we will be “Waiting”.

Track List

  1. Waiting

  2. For You 

  3. This Fire

  4. In Pieces

  5. Arrow of Love

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