Top 60 Albums of 2018

2018 was another great year for music in Atlantic Canada.  Over 90% of the music I listen to come from East Coast artists, so every year I do a year-end “Top East Coast Albums” of the year countdown.  No commentary.  Just albums I enjoy on a regular basis.

A few caveats before you disagree with my choices too vigorously.

  1. All of the albums had to be released in 2018.  

  2. The albums had to contain at least 5 songs.  

  3. No Greatest Hits albums.

  4. Artists need to be based in, or from, Atlantic Canada.  

  5. I must have known about, and listened to, the album. As much as I try to be aware of all new east coast releases, I cannot keep up with everything.  If you have something you want me to hear, send me an email –

  6. The list is subjective. Based solely on my favourites. Nothing scientific about it

  7. I make mistakes.

I’ll count them down on East Coast Rising in the New Year.  The show airs on CIOE 97.5FM on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to noon (Eastern Time).  If you are in the Halifax area, you can listen on 97.5FM. You can also listen via the TuneIn app, or online at

60 Craig Young Don’t Think Twice
59 Museum Pieces Plain Sight
58 Free To Grow Time To Rise
57 Elise Besleer Truth
56 Nap Eyes I’m Bad Now
55 Jennifer King O Mistress Moon
54 Caribou Run Old Peninsula
53 Barra MacNeils On The Bright Side
52 Dusty Keleher The Way To Grace / The Road to Conamara
51 Paul Brace Liars & Actors
50 The Lewinskies Yesterday We Had Everything
49 McGinty Till We Meet Again
48 Brad Tuck On These Waters
47 Stanfields Limboland
46 Ben Caplan Old Stock
45 Julie Doiron Canta en Español Vol. 3
44 Dan Doiron Livin’ Centre Stage
43 Dylan Menzie As The Clock Rewinds
42 Jimmy Rankin Moving East
41 Leona Burkey Songbird Research
40 Sloan 12
39 Campbell and Green On Being Human
38 Rum Ragged The Hard Times
37 Dennis Ellsworth Things Change
36 Ennis Sisters Keeping Time
35 Lennie Gallant Time Travel
34 Fairgale Pillars
33 Denis Parker Been So Long
32 The Once Time Enough
31 Joel Thomas Hynes Dead Man’s Melody
30 Carolina East Crossroads
29 Dawson Murphy New Day At Dawn
28 Mick Davis & Thin Love Touch The Moon
27 Good Lovelies Shapeshifters
26 Awolk Awolk
25 Waterfront Fire Stillwater Lake
24 Braden Lam Driftwood People
23 Andrew Waite Tremors
22 Dusted Blackout Summer
21 The Trews Civillainairres
20 Erin Costelo Sweet Marie
19 Christina Martin Impossible To Hold
18 Matt Mays Twice Upon A Hell of a Time
17 Meaghan Blanchard The Great Escape
16 Classified Tomorrow Could Be The Day Things Change
15 Fortunate Ones Hold Fast
14 Rick Sparkes + The Enablers The Trouble With The Light
13 JJ Roots Here Goes Something
12 Tarahan The Qualify Bundle
11 Ken Tizzard A Good Dog Is Lost
10 Doug Hawco Follow
9 Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunsete Half Girl Half Ghost
8 Postdata Let’s Be Wilderness
7 Mark Bragg Winter
6 Keith Mullins Onward & Upward
5 Adyn Townes After The Fall
4 Rachel Beck Rachel Beck
3 The Town Heroes Everything (Will Be Fine When We Get…)
2 Quote The Raven Golden Hour
1 Hillsburn The Wilder Beyond

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