Carmel Mikol Releases New Single”When It’s Time To Go”

Nova Scotia’s Carmel Mikol just released the debut single from her upcoming EP The Ice.

On the new single, “When It’s Time To Go” , Mikol laments “The ice she knows when it’s time to go, but I don’t,” .  The song, produced by Mikol and Jon Landry, is made to sound and feel like a moving glacier: heavy and slow, but absolutely unstoppable. 

“I built the framework for “When It’s Time to Go” from scratch in my home studio,” Mikol says. “Jon Landry, my band, and the engineer helped translate it onto a larger canvas, but this is the first album where I truly drove the creative process and knew exactly what I wanted to hear.” 

Mikol, who also plays keyboards, was joined by Nicholas MacLean (guitars and bass) and Jordi Comstock (drums) for this song.

You can listen to, or watch the video for, “When It’s Time To Go” below.

To find out more about Carmel Mikol, visit her website

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