CD Review: Jont – Gentle Warrior


Sometimes an artist comes along and changes your life.  Jont is one of those artists.  

Between 1998 and 2017, Jont released 8 studio albums; had music featured on the television shows Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood and Without A Trace and in the closing credits of the movie Wedding Crashers; met Princess Diana; dined with Allen Ginsberg and he recently jammed with old friends Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance backstage following a Sheeran concert (read more about Jont’s journey here)   Still, Jont has the remarkable ability to connect with individuals on a personal, emotional and spiritual level.

Jont’s ninth album, Gentle Warrior, is a musical massage – best listened to in a quiet, relaxing environment where one can truly experience the solice provided in each of the nine intimate songs.   The album opens with the words “Come find me here; the word’s disappears; and the world becomes clear… ” (Birdwatching).  It is an invitation to sit down, relax, step back from the world around you and join Jont on a spiritual and meditative journey.


All of the songs on Gentle Warrior were performed live on a nylon-string guitar with no addiatonl production.  “The arrangements on this album” says Jont, “are as simple as possible so as not to distract from the pure, melodic, and energetic message of each song.”

Gentle Warrior is warm and welcoming, “deeply personal and yet genuinely universal” .  Some listerners have described Jont’s music as “…like taking a long deep drink from the well of life itself. It renews and refreshes” (Kathy) and “…for opening the heart, for healing and for remembering that beauty, magic and love always reside under the surface of everything, even if sometimes we can’t feel it there” (Diana).

It is music that, if you let it, may change your life.  

Track Listing

  1. Birdwatching

  2. Teardrops & Pennies

  3. Maylight 

  4. The Song That You Love

  5. Not Asking So Much

  6. Church On Sunday

  7. Source of Love

  8. The Windshield 

  9. Big Open Heart

You can find out more about Jont and Gentle Warrior at Jont’s website or Facebook page

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