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CD Review: Jont – Gentle Warrior

Sometimes an artist comes along and changes your life.  Jont is one of those artists.   Between 1998 and 2017, Jont released 8 studio albums; had music featured on the television shows Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood and Without A Trace and in the closing credits of the movie Wedding Crashers; met Princess Diana; dined with Allen Ginsberg and … Continue reading

CD Review: Cody Degaust – Substance Romance

    Cody Degaust’s debut album Substance Romance is unlike anything I have heard from Atlantic Canada.  This is smooth pop at its best…with a hint of jazz influence.   While instantly  familiar, it is difficult to find a musical comparison for Degaust.   The smooth vocals.  The soft, sensual, jazzy guitar tones. If pressed, I may … Continue reading

CD Review: Donald MacLennan – Belleville

   On his debut album, Belleville, Donald MacLennan takes you on a magical musical tour of Europe.  Each song seems designed to place the listener in a different European city…seeing the sights…and hearing the sounds….through MacLennan’s music. This was my introduction to the genre of music known as “Gypsy Jazz” and I was delighted with … Continue reading

CD Review: Thom Swift – The Legend of Roy Black

  Picture sitting around a campfire.  Sitting with a half-dozen of your best friends.  It’s  a beautiful evening.   There are cold drinks.  The fire is crackling.  It looks and sounds kind of like this…   Everyone is having a fantastic time.  Sharing stories. Reminiscing.   Then, one of your friends (the really talented, but kind … Continue reading

CD Review: Greg Fownes – Take You Home

Originally from Cape Breton, Greg Fownes spent time in the province of Alberta before returning to Nova Scotia in 2015. Musical influences of both Nova Scotia and Alberta are evident in the music on Fownes second EP, Take You Home. Being unfamiliar with Fownes music before listening to the first track, I was unsure of what … Continue reading

CD Review: The Town Heroes – Please, Everyone

  On the strength of their last album Sunday Movies, The Town Heroes won 5 Music Nova Scotia Awards (including Group Recording of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year) and 5 East Coast Music awards, (including Group Recording of the Year and Rising Star Recording of the Year).  That highly acclaimed album gained The … Continue reading

CD Review: David Picco – Start Again

  Newfoundland’s David Picco is no stranger to the music industry. Residing in Toronto for over a decade, Picco released two solo albums and another with his critically-acclaimed band Jetset Motel. Picco recently returned to St. John’s and released his third solo album, titled Start Again. Start Again is a quintessential “nostalgic rock” album. At … Continue reading

CD Review: Christina Martin – It’ll Be Alright

Christina Martin sings with an emotion matched by few others.     You do not just listen to the songs on a Christina Martin album.  You feel them.  You feel the pain…the hurt…the vulnerability.   Her music consumes you.  Martin gets inside your bones,  your soul and takes you along for an emotional musical ride.  Her latest album, … Continue reading

CD Review: Keith Mullins – Island Sol

Keith Mullins is a musical jack-of-all-trades.  A chameleon if you will. Aside from being an accomplished singer-songwriter, he plays multiple instruments, in multiple styles and with multiple artists.  Mullins is also a music workshop facilitator and regularly works with youth.  Mullins musical accomplishments have not gone unnoticed in the East Coast Music community. In 2012, he won East Coast Music awards for Localmotive Farm (World Recording … Continue reading