Free Music Downloads

Grow Your Music Library For Free – The Legal and Ethical Way

Want to add to your music library, but not ready to commit to purchasing the full album yet.  Here is a solution that is both legal and ethical. Many artists offer free music (or Name Your Price) to download from their website. Most will provide a free song, EP, or album if you sign up to their mailing list or newsletter.   For “Name Your Price” offerings, you choose how much to give to the artist.  I have found that this is a great way to become familiar with an artist’s music before you purchase the album or go see a concert.  More often than not, the free download has led me to purchasing something else by the artist.  In addition, being on the mailing list provides its own benefits, like advance ticket information. Below is a list of musicians offering free music on their website right now (these may change so I will try to keep it current).  I have listed the artist and the available download. Clink on the artist name to go to their website.
(Artists:  If you want your song removed from this list, just let me know)
Cafeteria – Cafeteria (album) – name your price
Charlie A’Court – Sun Is Gonna Shine (song)
Dance Movie – Future Crimes (Wild Flag cover) – song
In Flight Safety – Fairytale of New York (song)
Jont – Hello Halifax (album) – make a donation
Kim WempeChameleon (song)
Lydia Hol – Boats (song) – Lydia Hol is from British Columbia
Mo Kenney – Deja Vu (song)
Molly Thomason & Carleton Stone – Never Felt A Thing (song)
Nick Everett & Everybody – elsethings (album) – name your price
Orchid’s Curse – Lie to Live the Lie (song)
Outtacontroller Don’t Play Dumb (album)
Outtacontroller – Colt Summer & Trash On (2 songs)
Ria Mae – Leaving Today (song)
Rose Cousins – Birds of Belfast (song)
Rose Cousins & Don Brownrigg – Little Road To Bethlehem (song)
Scott Nicks – Slowly (album) – name your price
Sonny Tripp – Shape Up EP (5 song ep) – name your price
The Space Age The Lone Wolf (single)
Young Running – Quiver of Smoke (song) – Young Running is from Toronto
The Overcast – 2013 Sampler of Local (Newfoundland) Albums (includes songs byDon Brownrigg, The Connexions, Green and Gold, Matthew Hornell and more)
Oh Canada 22 – 27 Song Compilation (includes songs by Amelia Curran, Jenn Grant, Old Man Luedecke, Tom Fun Orchestra, Paper Lions, and more)
Audio Blood Media 29 song download (#ABMMixTape) featuring:
01 The Balconies – 300 Pages
02 Ben Caplan – Down to the River
03 Gabrielle Papillon – Go Into The Night
04 Brad Fillatre -New Tattoo
05 The Mohawk Lodge – Light You Up
06 Cairo -Addict
07 SoHo Ghetto – Honourable Mention
08 Andy Brown -Crazy
09 Papermaps -Reaction Formation
10 JF Robitaille – The New Girl
11 Jon Bryant – Looks Better on You
12 North Lakes -Baptism in Burgundy
13 Revelstoke – In My Own Defense
14 The Love Machine – Make Believe
15 The Noble Thiefs – Full Circle
16 Tim Chaisson – Beat This Heart
17 Brews Willis – Ride The Island Baby
18 Paper Lions – Little Liar
19 Sandman Viper Command – Clean Inside
20 Five Alarm Funk – Pyramid
21 Charlotte Cornfield – Construction On The Street
22 Hill & The Sky Heroes – Doctor, Doctor
23 The Town Heroes – Birds And Fear
24 Hands & Teeth – Help Me
25 Crystalyne – Navigate
26 Amos the Transparent – Says The Spark
27 Flowers of Hell – Atmosphere
28 Dominique Fricot – Haunted by Love
29 Acres Of Lions – Reaction

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