Sloan Tribute Album Released by Detroit’s Futureman Records


Since forming in Halifax 25 years ago, Sloan has released over 10 albums, won a number of East Coast Music Awards and a Juno Award, and their album Twice Removed was named “best Canadian album ever recorded” in Chart! magazine’s 1996 and 2005 reader’s poll.  They are a great band releasing great music. 

In February, Detroit’s Futureman Records released a tribute album to Canada’s “Fab Four”.  If It Feels Good Do It is a 31-track compilation featuring bands from across the United States of America (Michigan, California, Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Washington DC), and even one band from Germany (Coke Belda and El Inquieto Roque).

I had a chance to ask Chip Saam (of The Hangabouts) about Futureman Records and the Sloan tribute album.  

Saam tells me that Futureman Records is a label run by Keith Klingensmith and “is a purveyor of classic powerpop as can be seen from the label’s catalog”.  At present, the label specializes in digital only re-releases but they have started to release some original material.  You can link to the Futureman Records catalog here.

I asked “why Sloan”?

Saam: The idea to produce a tribute to Sloan was driven by the band’s reputation among independent musicians as the quintessential powerpop band. The consistent quality of their releases over a career that spans 25-years is the gold standard for many indie musicians.

Was it difficult to find bands to contribute to the album?

Saam: [Sloan’s] stellar reputation made finding bands to contribute songs to the tribute a very easy process. Another lure to the project was the fact that [Sloan] has four songwriters, each with a distinct style – this helped provide a nice range of sounds on the tribute.

If It Feels Good Do It has so far received overwhelming (“I’m sure of that one ’cause I learned it back in grade school”) positive response.  I am happy to add to the positive reviews.

 If It Feels Good Do It is a must-have album for Sloan fans.  Although I had never heard of any of the 31 bands that contribute to the album, I found myself wanting to learn more about of many of them, including The Laissez Fairs, The Hangabouts and Kristen von B (who reminded me of The Breeders).    

Not surprising, my favourite songs on If It Feels Good Do It are my favourite Sloan songs.  I’ve included a few below for your listening pleasure, but I encourage you to check out the full album.