Top 60 Albums of 2018

2018 was another great year for music in Atlantic Canada.  Over 90% of the music I listen to come from East Coast artists, so every year I do a year-end “Top East Coast Albums” of the year countdown.  No commentary.  Just albums I enjoy on a regular basis. A few caveats before you disagree with … Continue reading

Top 60 Albums of 2017

2017 was a great year for music in Atlantic Canada.  Here are my Top 60 albums of the year.   I’ll count them down on East Coast Rising on December 30 (#60 – #31) and January 6 (#30 – #1).  The show airs on CIOE 97.5FM on Saturday mornings.  If you are in the Halifax … Continue reading

Start the Holiday Season with “Tales of A Charlie Brown Christmas” & “Swing Into The Holidays”

  The Halifax Jazz Festival is back with perennial family favorite, “Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas,” featuring Jerry Granelli on the afternoon of December 10th.  And this year, they have added a new show “Swing Into The Holidays,” for the evening entertainment.  Both shows are all ages and part of the Jazz Festival‘s 15th annual fundraiser for music education.    The shows take place December 10, … Continue reading

CD Review: Rachel Cousins – This Fire

  Every once in a while, you hear an artist and you know they are going places.  You know that there are big things ahead if they decide to continue on their current path.  Newfoundland teenager Rachel Cousins is one of those artists.   Following the release of her debut single “July” (which landed at … Continue reading