CD Review: Thom Swift – The Legend of Roy Black

  Picture sitting around a campfire.  Sitting with a half-dozen of your best friends.  It’s  a beautiful evening.   There are cold drinks.  The fire is crackling.  It looks and sounds kind of like this…   Everyone is having a fantastic time.  Sharing stories. Reminiscing.   Then, one of your friends (the really talented, but kind … Continue reading

CD Review: Greg Fownes – Take You Home

Originally from Cape Breton, Greg Fownes spent time in the province of Alberta before returning to Nova Scotia in 2015. Musical influences of both Nova Scotia and Alberta are evident in the music on Fownes second EP, Take You Home. Being unfamiliar with Fownes music before listening to the first track, I was unsure of what … Continue reading

The Journey to Here: An Interview with Jont

Musician. Poet. Cricketer. Troubadour. Father.   These are just some of the words that have been used to describe Jont on his remarkable lifelong journey.  It is a journey that has led Jont to Halifax, to Openheart, to the Infinite Possibility, to An Old Innocence.  It has been a journey to …here. Born Jonathan Whittington in London, … Continue reading